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What is BTGuard?

BTGuard is an anonymous BitTorrent service. BitTorrent is way to download files from the internet. Instead of downloading from a single source, you’re downloading from multiple people to achieve a quicker download.

For a normal download you’d receive your file from the main server …

With torrents, you download parts of the file from other people who have downloaded it. If torrents have many “seeders”, that is, people who are allowing you to download the file from them, you can achieve much higher download speeds than you normally would.

Torrents can be used to download anything from software to music to movies. Some are used to illegally download copyrighted files like recent movies or music albums. Other torrents are perfectly legitimate.

For example, HumbleBundle, a site that allows people to purchase a bundle of indie games at a price they choose, allows purchasers to either download the games directly from their site or through a torrent.

There are many different programs you can use to download torrents. However, the drawback of these programs is that they displays your IP address to the people you’re downloading from and uploading to.

This can leave you vulnerable, especially if you’re downloading copyrighted material. BTGuard eliminates some of that risk. It works with two of the most popular torrenting programs – uTorrent and Vuze – to mask your identity when you’re downloading files.

This can help protect you from people grabbing IP addresses whether for nefarious reasons or for frivolous lawsuits.

If you commonly use torrents to download anything, it may be worth looking into BTGuard to protect your identity. Even if you’re not doing anything illegal, it’s still better safe than sorry in most cases!

Advantages of Using VyprVPN

I run my small business from home and mostly work on the internet. I receive payment information from my customers and regularly purchase supplies from wholesalers. Receiving and sending payments over the internet is convenient, but I was concerned about safety until I started using VyprVPN

This service is very affordable and allows me to use an encrypted connection. This means the data I send and receive cannot be accessed by anyone. Offering this additional level of security to my customers has really made a difference for my small business, and I feel more relaxed about purchasing supplies online.

I strongly recommend anybody to use this VPN or at least something comparable … –

“Advertised as file sharing-friendly VPN” – Review of BTGuard

– Unfortunately, not all VPNs are very BitTorrent-friendly. In fact, some explicitly prohibit the use of file sharing software. BTGuard VPN, in contrast, is especially advertised for torrenting. It is from the same company that sells a BitTorrent SOCKS5 proxy. Read my friend’s review of BTGuard VPN. A virtual private network, VPN, extends a private network and the resources contained in the network across public networks like the internet.